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Focus Week Themes

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Dinosaurs ("terrible lizard") are awesome creatures that proclaim the design of the awesome Designer. They are fascinating creatures to study (using the fossil record), and they answer and bring up many questions about origins and the Biblical Flood.

Look forward to session titled:

Formed, Fallen, Flooded, & Found as Fossils
Big Bones
Dealing with the Dragon
Flying Dragons Alive?!
Dinosaurs Alive?!

Dino Might
Dino Might
Jungle Tales
Jungle Tales Logo

Did reptiles like dinosaurs evolve into birds? Is there science that shows humans are not related to apes? Join us for Jungle Tales as we discuss topics such as dinosaurs in the Congo, big cats, gators, monkeys, climate change, serpents, and more!

Look forward to session titled:

It’s a Jungle Out There!
Lifting Up the Serpent
Consider the King
Monkey Business
Dinosaurs Alive?!

Dive in with us as we use science and Scripture to explore topics and answer questions about God's sea creatures! What were the waters of Genesis 1:2? Did whales evolve from land animals? Were humans once fish? Let's learn about whales, sharks "Nessie," cuttlefish, and more!

Look forward to session titled:

Water Wonders
Something’s Fishy
A Whale of a Tale
Flood Facts & Fiction
Secret Serpents

Secrets of the Sea
Secrets of the Sea Logo
Wilderness Wonders Bear
Wilderness Wonderness Logo

Wilderness Wonders is designed to point everyone to the Creator-God of the woodland animals, featuring: bears, bison, moose, wolves, living pterosaurs, petrified trees, and more!

Look forward to session titled:
Packs n Petrifacts
Big Beasts
Can You ‘Bear’ This?
Flying Dragons—Alive?
The Big Deal About Bigfoot

How did the mountains and canyons form? Using science and a Biblical world view, we cover topics like the sea fossils on Mt. Everest, Mt. Ararat and the search for the Ark, the true location of Mt. Sinai, the rapid formation of canyons and rock layers at Mt. St. Helen's, and more!

Look forward to session titled:
Design & Devastation
Mt. St. Helens: The Fire Below
Mt. St. Helens & the Flood, Lotsa Water, Lotsa Mud
The Ararat Adventure
The Secrets of Sinai

Mountain Mysteries
Mountain Mysteries Logo
Bible on wood table
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Stay up to date with as more themes will be coming soon!

Coming Soon

Non-Themed Session Titles:

The Cause of Creation
How Shall They Call?
Turning Points (similar: Gender Confusion: How Did We Get Here?)
Deviations from God’s Design
The Lasting Memorial
Seeing is Believing
Eat Your Veggies
Echoes of 9/11
Soulwinning on God’s Scoreboard
Star Power
God’s Design for His Church

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