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Foundation Focus Week

Designed to teach apologetics to your students so that they may learn to give an accurate Biblical answer to the questions that they are confronted with as Christians.

1st - 12th Grade

Foundation Focus Week is designed for all age groups.

Flexible Schedules

We offer your choice of a 1-3 day event at your church or school.

Students raising their hand
Bible on wood table

Your Choice of Theme

  • Secrets of the Sea

  • Wilderness Wonders

  • Jungle Tales

  • Mountain Mysteries

  • Dino Might


Activities, indoor and outdoor, vary and are subject to event venue space, weather, and length of the event. Activities include but are not limited to Bible trivia games based on the themed lessons taught through the week, relays, big ball games, Scripture memory, and many more.


All activities will contribute points towards weekly team competition.

Team Competition

During the week our two teams, the Keepers and Defenders (Red and Blue Team), will compete against each other in two different divisions: 1st-5th and 6th-12th.

On the last assembly both divisions will come together and the winning team will be announced.

1st-12th Grade

The grades will be divided into 1st-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. Each division will be split into the two teams:  the Keepers and Defenders and each division will contribute points towards their teams.

Each Division will be lead by two of our SET team members.

Jeff Setzer showing fossil to students

Flexible Schedule

Foundation Focus Week can be flexible to your ministries needs.  We offer it as a 1-3 day event for your school, youth group, or church. 

Reach out to us for more details about scheduling.

Your Choice of Theme

We offer 5 different themes with topics covering different aspects of God's creation. You can choose between one of our 5 themes: Secrets of the Sea, Wilderness Wonders, Jungle Tales, Mountain Mysteries, or Dino Might. You can learn more on our Themes Page.

Faith Based Ministry

The SET team does not require a set amount to come. We are fine with whatever you can do and we mean that! We really do want to live by faith in all areas of our life.  For those who would like a ball park figure, please see our What To Expect Page.

Jeff Setzer presenting to students

Why have a Foundation Focus Week

In our society today, the youth are being attacked on every front from gender identity to questioning the existence of God.  Being faced with questions that are designed to break down their faith and the foundation of the Scriptures.


We seek to strengthen their faith and relationship with Christ and to help "train them up" in the way they should go.

What To Expect

We present the foundation of Scripture, focusing on Genesis 1-11, covering topics like Noah and the Flood, the seven days of Creation, the day-age theory, gap theory, dinosaurs, God’s design for the family, marriage, the Biblical timeline, and much more.

Each division will have booklets for the students and teachers going over questions and lessons taught during the week. The SET team will also have times for Q&A sessions.

What We Provide

We will send you digital artwork and flyers that you can print out and use to promote the upcoming Foundation Focus Week at your church or school. When we arrive, we will bring and set up banners, and hands on exhibits, such as fossils, books, and replicas.

In the future, we plan to have a fun photo booth opportunity where the students and teachers can use their phones to capture a fun memory of their Foundation Focus Week.

Have a Question?

If you have a question or want more information, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you within 2 business days. 


If you are ready to register for a Foundation Focus Week please see our "What To Expect" Page Here

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