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Good News For You!

“…I am SET for the defense of the gospel.” Philippians 1:17

The word “gospel” means “good news.” What kind of good news is this, when the world is so full of bad news? What is the BEST good news that one can receive? Receiving an inheritance of millions of dollars? No, far more than that. All of the evil we see in the world, from tragedies in nature to tragedies that are human-caused, is due to the sin of the first two people, Adam and Eve. Scientists, through studying the mitochondria of the DNA, discovered that there was an original female ancestress of all of mankind, and they even called her “Mitochondrial Eve”! They even used the name from the Bible! If there was a first female, there was of necessity a first male, Adam. The Bible says:


For as in Adam, all die; even so in Christ shall all be made alive.1 Corinthian 15:22

All of mankind goes back to two original human ancestors, Adam and Eve. Scripture tells us they violated the law that God had instilled in the Garden of Eden. They were told not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, though they had free access to all of the other trees of the Garden. We can see that evil and death exist. It is all around us. If humans are higher-evolved animals, related to the ape-kind, what is the ultimate standard for morality? If we’re all animals, what would be the basis for a law against murder or theft? The fact is: humans are not animals. Humans have an inner moral compass, and there are so many differences between us and the animal kingdom!

Is there an answer to the bad things we see all around us? Yes! The Bible has the answer! Since all mankind since Adam and Eve have violated the laws of our Creator, we all deserve just punishment for our violations: death. Death exists. We see death on every hand. Sometimes it is due to old age, and sometimes a horrendous murder. What is the answer to death? Life! “In Christ shall all be made alive.” According to the Bible, there is a Creator Who made mankind as a moral being, to Whom we are all responsible. We live on His earth, breathe His air, and drink His water. He made us all for a purpose, as with all of creation, and that purpose is to bring Him glory!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Each December, a baby born in a manger some 2000 years ago is celebrated with giving gifts, throwing parties, spending lots of money, singing serious and silly songs, but what is the real meaning? God Himself entered His creation as a man to pay for the violations (sins) of all mankind. Through that great work on the cross we have the opportunity to have a relationship with our Creator and to receive the gift of eternal life! That’s good news! How does one receive this gift? Believe! “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the LORD Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness…Romans 10:9, 10a

If you, the reader, would like to choose the plan your Creator has for you to receive this free gift of eternal life, all you have to do is believe Him with all of your heart and trust His work on the cross! If you make this choice, will you contact us to let us known of your decision? We would love to help you to understand more about the Creator, the creation, and the Book that tells us all about the Creator’s design for how we should live: the Bible.


Please send us an email if you have made this choice, or are interested in more information:

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