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Team Competition

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We are Defenders of truth and the Scriptures! The word “answer” in 1 Peter 3:5 is “ἀπολογίαν” (apologian) and it means “from logic”. We are told to “be ready always to give an answer.” We are always to be ready to give a defense, an answer for the hope that is in us. To do this we must know the LORD and His design starting with His foundation.


We are keepers of truth and faith! The word “keep” in I Timothy 6:20 is “φύλαξον” (phulaxon) and it means "to keep watch and ward, or to keep guard." We are to keep the Scriptures and protect ourselves from being influenced by false science and vain babblings which will influence our view of the Scriptures.


Activities, indoor and outdoor, vary and are subject to event venue space, weather, and length of the event. Activities include but are not limited to Bible trivia games based on the themed lessons taught through the week, relays, big ball games, Scripture memory, and many more.


All activities will contribute points toward the weekly team competition.

Team Competition

During the week our two teams, the Keepers and Defenders (Red and Blue Team), will compete against each other in two different divisions: 1st-5th and 6th-12th.

During the last assembly, the winning team will be announced and awarded.

1st-12th Grade

The grades will be divided into 1st-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. Each division will be split into the two teams:  the Keepers and Defenders and each division will contribute points toward their teams.

Each Division will be led by two of our SET team members.

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